Pride & Prejudice

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Ben Carson

1. Nothing Wrong
(Preformed by Stephanie Smith)
2. Cake
3. Be With You
(Preformed by Carmen Rasmusen)
4. Bookstore Suite
5. Pillowtalk
6. All the Way
(Preformed by Trey Warner)
7. Dream on Dream
(Preformed by Jeff Foster)
8. Jane's Attraction
9. Elizabeth's Dream
10. My Baby
(Preformed by Ben Carson)
11. Bling Bling Daddy
(Written and Preformed by Scott Reinwand)
12. Not Enough of You
(Preformed by Ben Carson)
13. Gathering
14. Condition of Desperation
(Preformed by Randy Porter)
15. Cowboy Rompin'
(Preformed by Brilliant Stereo Mob)
16. Match Point
17. Bingley Leaves
18. Self Portrait
(Written and Preformed by Stephanie Smith)
19. Solid Comma Girl
(Preformed by Brilliant Stereo Mob)
20. Mutual Attraction
21. Life (Preformed by Coolhand)
22. Can't Stand the Way You See Me
(Preformed by Ben Carson and Scott Reinwand)
23. My Giant
(Written and Preformed by Stephanie Smith)
24. Nothing Wrong Reprise
(Preformed by Jamen Brooks)

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