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Musik von Carl Davis

1. Pride and Prejudice (Opening title music)

2. Dance Montage
Getting through the Assembly Rooms dance is a matter of stoical endurance for all the Netherfield party save Bingley, who has a wonderful time and dances with everyone, especially Jane.

3. Elizabeth Observed
Darcy is captivated by Lizzy's liveliness and independent spirit during her stay at Netherfield.

4. Piano Summary (Episode One)
While Jane is very pleased with Bingley, Lizzy is convinced that Darcy is the most disagreeable man she has ever met.

5. Canon Collins
Life at Longbourn is turned upside down with the arrival of their pompous relation Mr. Collins. 'Can he be a sensible man?', asks Lizzy, 'No my dear, I think not', replies Mr. Bennet, 'I have great hopes of finding him quite the revers.'

6. Piano Summary (Episode Two)
Jane and Bingley seem truly in love at the Netherfield Ball, but Lizzy and Darcy spar over his treatment of the dashing officer George Wickham.

7. The Gardiners
The arrival of Liizy's favourite aunt and uncle brings a welcome distraction to the Bennet family.

8. Winter into Spring
It is a sad winter for Lizzy, who learns that Wickham is engaged to another woman, and for Jane in London, who hears nothing from Bingley and is snubbed by his sisters.

9. Parting
Lizzy travels to Kent and finds Mr. Collins even more ridiculous than she remembers, though Charlotte is gratefull for her company.

10. Rosings
Tea at Rosings is a gruesome affair with Lady Catherine conducting herself like a despotic monarch.

11. Piano Summary (Episode Three)
The visit to Kent takes an extraordinary turn when Darcy arrives and declares his passionate love for Lizzy.

12. Telling the Truth
the revelations in Darcy's letter to Lizzy make it a painful letter for both for him to write, and for her to receive.

13. Farewell to the Regiment
The Regiment leaves Hertfordshire for Brighton.

14. Pemberley
Lizzy is struck by the scale and beauty of Darcy's family home.

15. Darcy Returns
Darcy returns home and takes a swim in the lake, but the tranquil mood is broken when he runs into Lizzy in the grounds.

16. Piano Summary (Episode Four)
Darcy's kindness towards Lizzy forces her to question her earlier prejudices against his character.

17. Thinking about Lizzy
When Lizzy spends an evening at Pemberley, Darcy appears more in love with her than ever before.

18. Lydia's Elopement
Lizzy receives a letter from Jane with the shocking news that Lydia has run off with Wickham.

19. Piano Summary (Episode Five)
Everything seems lost between Darcy and Lizzy when she reveales the news of Wickham and Lydia's elopement.

20. Lydia's Wedding
Wickham looks a bit troubled given it's his wedding day, but perhaps that's because his best man is none other than Darcy.

21. Return of Bingley
Mrs. Bennet goes into overdrive when an eager Bingley returns unexpectedly at Longourn to pay his addresses to Jane.

22. Darcy's Second Proposal
On a beautiful autumn day Darcy proposes again to Lizzy, who happily accepts him.

23. Double Wedding
It's a double Christmas wedding for the two happy couples: Jane and Bingley, and Lizzy and Darcy.

24. Finale

Am Abend des Tages, an dem Elizabeth zum ersten Mal auf Pemberley ist, singt sie 'Voi Che Sapete' aus Mozarts 'Die Hochzeit des Figaro' in einer englischen Übersetzung.

Voi Che Sapete

-von W.A.Mozart-

You who have tasted love's mystic spell
What is this sorrow naught can dispel? (2x)
Fair dame or maiden, none else may know
My heart o'erladen, why is this so?
What is this yearning, these trembling fears
Rapturous burning, melting in tears?
While thus I languish, wild beats my heart,
Yet from my anguish I would not part,
I seek a treasure Fate still denies,
Naught else will pleasure,
Naught else I prize...I'm ever sighing,
I know not why, near unto dying, when none are by,
My hear is riven night, morn and eve,
But ah 'tis heaven, thus, thus to grieve!
You who have tasted love's mystic spell
What is this sorrow naught can dispel? (2x)

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