The Pride and Prejudice Collection

Music by The Pemberley Players

1. The Comical Fellow
Thompson 1776, Longways
2. The Touchstone
Thompson 1773, Longways for 3 couples
3. The First of April
Thompson 1773, Longways
4. The Indian Queen
Playford 1701, Longways
5. Chestnut, or Dove's Figary
Playford 1650, Longways for 3 couples
6. My Lord Byron's Maggot
Playford 1701, Longways
7. Sprigs of Laurel
Cahusac 1790, Longways
8. Jack's Maggot
Playford 1703, Longways
9. Sellenger's Round, or The Beginning of the World
Playford 1670, Round for as many as will
10. The Pleasures of the Town
(to the tune The Fair Maid of the Inn)
Thompson 1777, Longways for 3 couples
11. Upon a Summers Day
Playford 1650, Longways for 3 couples
12. Childgrove
Playford 1701, Longways
13. Hit and Miss
(to the tune of Daphne)
Playford 1650, Longways for four in 3 parts
14. The Duke of Kent's Waltz
from an Unnamed Collection 1802, Longways
15. Grimstock
Playford 1652, Longways for 3 couples
16. Never Love Thee More
by Playford 1686, Longways in 2 parts

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