Music and Songs of Jane Austen

Performed by The Windsor Box and Fir Company

1. For Tenderness Form'd In Life's Early Day
by Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816)
arranged by Thomas Linley (1732-95)
2. Sonata for flute in G major: Allegro con brio
3. Rondo Andante Op 3/2
by Johann F.X. Sterkel (1750-1817)
4. The Soldier's Adieu
by Charles Dibdin (1745-1815)
5. The Battle of Prague Op 23
by Franstisek Kotzwara (1745-1791)
6. The Mansion of Peace
by Samuel Webbe (1740-1816)
7. The Egyptian Love Song
by Henry Harington (1727-1816)
8. The Lamplighter
by Charles Dibdin (1745-1815)
9. Theme And Variations On Nos Galen
(Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly)
by Anonymous
10. Corn Riggs
11. Sonata in D Op 2/6: Allegro
12. Sonata in D Op 2/6: Rondeau Allegro Molto
by Ignaz Pleyel (1757-1831)
13. The Irishman
by Anonymous
14. Duet in C: Allegro
15. Duet in C: Minuetto Con Var
by Tommaso Giordani (1733-1806)
16. The Ass Song
by William Boyce (1710-1779)

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